The Malaysia Urban Retreat Festival (MURFEST) started as a concept to bring in a different feel in the Festival scene in Malaysia by integrating “Wellness, Music & Dance” into a 3 day event that would bring over 80 world class Facilitators, Musicians and Artists and become Asia’s number one platform in the Health & Wellness industry.  MURFEST was born with one objective in mind- to burst a bubble, and to remove layers of misconception from the general public that in order to stay healthy you just have to take care of your physical body. With MURFEST, it’s all about addressing the needs of a healthy Body, Mind and Soul which we often neglect.

An Urban Retreat of such a nature is here today for the future generations of young Malaysians and our International Guests, to change the climate of health and wellness in this country as well as educate the young adults to take the wellness concept more seriously in a Fun and Exciting way. MURFEST is for all of YOU! For communities to come together forgetting race, colour or creed and being part of a conscious movement for all to feel and share. This is MURFEST!


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MURFEST is supported heavily by its Volunteer Program called the Bhakti Warriors- always tending to the customer’s needs and wants. The Bhakti Warriors make up the Backbone of the Festival. Festival Founder and Director, Shobie Malani says; like all Festivals, we operate on a modest Team and work very hard to bring the best quality for the Ticket Buyers.

But there is always a support team which we call OUR FAMILY, ie the Bhakti Warriors that champion the cause and make the Festival Vibe so special and so close to everyone’s hearts. If you wish to be part of this AMAZING group, send in your request to

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