Amanda Koh

Amanda Koh


Kalari Yoga

Amanda Koh advocates a joyful practice that is safe, informed and loving. She encourages her students to be unapologetically strong, spiritually-rooted and self-loving through classes that enable the exploration of yoga in intuitive freeform movement that responds, rather than restricts the body’s natural rhythms and gestures, raising consciousness with one’s personal anatomy and alignment in both traditional and non-traditional asana practice. She has been teaching yoga for 14 years, and is well sought after in the fitness and yoga scene in Singapore and now internationally as well. She has taught at the Bali Spirit Festival, Soulscape Singapore and the Jakarta Yoga Festival, and conducts multiple yoga retreats, workshops and immersions annually. She has collaborated with international recording artistes Desert Dwellers, Jim Beckwith and Liza Lilinthal who have accompanied her Kalari Yoga sessions with live music.

Workshop Description:

Kalari Yoga Fire Flow

A dynamic and soulful freeform fluid vinyasa with spiralling, sweeping movements set to sultry beats. Energising, strengthening and enabling, and celebrating power in movement and gracefulness in strength. Suitable for practitioners of all levels, and a unique experience of Yoga Vinyasa.

Kalari Yoga Water Flow

Sensual, soothing and flowing gentle vinyasa and stretch, followed by guided relaxation. Great for stretching out achy muscles and joints after attending the stronger sessions of the festival, and for anyone in the mood to chillax yogi style.

Backache Management and Injury Prevention in Yoga Practice.

A workshop session that explores common injuries in Yoga, how they happen, how to avoid them, and what to do if you already have them.
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