Amber Sawyer

Amber Sawyer

USA/ Singapore

Active Meditations

With a heart as vast as the sky and a dedication to inspiring evolution & awakening, Amber brings creative & fun movement/sound-based meditations and Elemental Yoga, a gentle approach to connecting to the elements with our body/mind. A native of USA and relocated to Singapore for 10 years, Amber has had a passion for moving the body since early childhood with gymnastics & dance. This love, combined with more than 17 years of study & practice in the areas of Yoga, Ayurveda & Meditation, as well as a PhD in Biomedical Engineering in the field of stem-cell tissue repair, contribute to Amber’s unique perspective on healing & self-discovery through the influence of scientific and ancient wisdoms. Since 2000, Amber has studied directly under the tutelage Embodied Dance

Workshop Description:

Active Meditations

These are structured meditation techniques that utilise movement, sound and/or breath to find inner stillness. They are from the lineage of Osho and are incredibly easy to learn, fun when done in groups, very effective and wonderful methods to share at festivals. I have been sharing these methods for more than 10 years in the community of Singapore (Singa Satsanga) and have a wide following there for these methods.

Whirling Dance Meditation

This is a powerful active meditation inspired by Osho and based on the heart-centered Sufi tradition, which uniquely uses repetitive dance & whirling to bring awareness to our hara (centre). So often we are pulled into the cyclone of impermanence, misidentification, circular thoughts and runaway emotions; this technique empowers us through dance to find the centre of the cyclone and to rest in a place of witnessing, untouched and unaffected by the peripheral storm. What better place to practice this technique than at a vibrant festival! Come and enjoy this dance meditation and let it lead you to your Self. Suitable for beginners or advanced practitioners and modifications are available for those with physical limitations.

 Kundalini Dance Meditation

This is a potent active meditation inspired by Osho, that creatively uses shaking, free dance, stillness & silence to bring one into a deep state of awareness. Most of us have realised that repressed emotions and stressful living can affect our ability to calm the mind, to live vibrantly and to relate to others. Osho Active Meditations are scientifically designed to effectively release such tensions that block the natural flow of energies in our body, allowing us to become more joyful, peaceful and authentic. Kundalini Dance Meditation is a wonderful technique that allows us to embody our Inner Shakti and to find ourselves in a pure state of awareness! Come shake off what is no longer serving you, connect to the Kundalini Energy, express yourself fully and drop into a state of pure watchfulness! Suitable for absolute beginners or advanced meditative practitioners. No experience is needed and modifications are available for people who have any physical limitations.

Elemental Yoga

Elemental Yoga is a unique system of yoga that integrates the wisdom of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu, Shamanism and Yoga into a holistic lifestyle practice both on and off the mat. This system of yoga aims to bring union or harmony to the 5-elements within the body/mind constitution based on the perspective that any disease or imbalances in the body/mind are a result of disharmony in our elemental energies (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Space). Elemental Yoga uses physical postures to strengthen and stretch the meridian pathways, as well as uses breath-work, mudras, meditation and lifestyle recommendations to bring harmony to the elemental system within the body/mind. The 5 elements each correspond to different parts of the body, specific meridian pathways, emotions and mental tendencies. This system of Yoga is unique in that it empowers the individual to design a more specific yoga practice to therapeutically address imbalances and to develop a closer relationship with nature, ultimately leading to a greater awareness of our own inner nature – leading to a state of Yoga!
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