Audrey Reis

Audrey Reis

Brazil / Australia

Mindfulness & Intuitive Yoga

Audrey is a warm, passionate and authentic facilitator. She is an intuitive yoga and mindfulness teacher, a healer and a holistic counselor. She has done her training in India, Australia and Brazil where she is originally from. She is also a loving mum of a spirited 5yo boy.
She has been studying and working on self-development for 20 years. Through out her own personal journey Audrey developed a passion to help women to leave more balanced, authentic and happy lives.
Since moving to KL in August/16 Audrey has opened her home studio in her lovely place in Damansara Hights, surrender by nature and peace. She has been teaching intuitive yoga, holding women circles and working with private clients. Her work is from the heart and she is here to make a difference and to be a better human being.
Audrey believes that we all have the power within to create their own happy realities; they only need the right tools, support and the genuine desire to work on themselves

Workshop Description:

“Intuitive Yoga and Mindfulness – Being in your body”

Today we live busy; fast pace lives. We tend to put too much pressure in ourselves to be the best mum, partner, professional a lot of the time unaware of our Ego mind. Without awareness and self-care we create anxiety and stress around us.
This workshop is designed for everyone who desires to keep a balance and healthy body/mind when faces the challenges of modern life. If you often or sometimes feel burnt out, tired and overthinking this workshop is for you.
We will explore powerful mindfulness and meditation techniques, intuitive yoga and practical tools that you can apply in your routine to help you to feel more grounded, balanced, calm and happy within yourself and to leave more authentic and meaningful lives.

The power of women circle

These workshop is about honouring ourselves, all women around the world. Our mothers, grandmother and our ancestors who came before us. “ Self empowering” and this happens when we connect with our source our feminine nature and give it a voice, nurturing it and listening to it. When women gather in a space of love, trust and authenticity magic, self empowerment and healing happens.Women circles are an ancient tradition where women gathering in love, openness and trust… connecting with each other in a safe and sacred space.
You will be guide by an experienced facilitator who is passionate about helping women to live the lives they desire.
The general meaning of Self-empowerment is taking control of our own life, setting goals, and making positive choices. Basically it means that we have to understand our strengths and weaknesses, and have belief in ourselves.
We are the only know that knows what it’s best for us and we are only able to see it when we feel empowered within yourself.
This is an opportunity to experience and learn about the power of women circles and to learn to incorporate the power of sisterhood in our lives
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