Meditative Performance

We offer an evening of exotic and beautiful music that brings us in tune to the ancient energy forces from which consciousness itself flows. Our meditative performance combines the singing of melodic, soothing mantras with the healing vibrations of the Gong, which come from the world of mystery and beauty, the Chakra planet. The audience is immersed in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility where people meet and discover an invaluable jewel, which is the harmony between themselves and mother nature.

Workshop Description:

The show is open to everyone, even to those who are not familiar with the esoteric teachings that gently carry human consciousness on the way to its own inner path where peace and happiness are one in an endless inner space. The performance takes the viewer’s attention away from the external problems of everyday life. The soothing visual beauty of this presentation complements the powerful ancient mantras and the the primal Gong, and will create a powerful, magical, and unforgettable experience.
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