Daniel *Sonic* Rojas

Daniel *Sonic* Rojas

Colombia/ Denmark/ Singapore

Embodied Dance

Movement Specialist, Professional Dancer, High Vibration Guide
DANIEL *SONIC* ROJAS has been dancing & performing for more than 25 years, and is known around the world for his creativity and individual way of expressing himself by telling stories through dance. Combining his Latin roots and his experiential journey of many years as a professional dancer/performer, Daniel has created his own style that he calls \’Embodied Dance\’ (formally known as Contemporary-Break). This unique form has been recognised by the University of Science of Sports and Anatomy in Cologne, Germany, as one of the most complete movement art forms offered internationally. Embodied Dance dissolves the boundaries between different movement cultures with the aim of giving individuals a unique way of expressing themselves, connecting to feeling through movement and ultimately self-healing. Daniel shares Embodied Dance worldwide, including at many popular festivals and dance academies, as well as continues to perform/battle/judge international events and to share private sessions & trainings.

“Sonic: Live, Love & Dance”



“Savery Academy – Daniel *Sonic* Rojas, Contemporary Break-undervisning”



“Sound & Silence in Korfu 2016 mit DANIEL *SONIC* ROJAS”





Embodied Dance

“Embodied Dance” is a unique methodology created by Daniel *Sonic* Rojas, collected over 25 years of experience as a professional mover, dancer and performer, that combines elements of different movement cultures to inspire freedom & creativity, breaking the boundaries of dance and exploring feeling through movement.
This practice brings together various elements of yoga, physical conditioning, capoeira, housing, popping, breakdance, parkour and contemporary dance techniques, as well as utilises breath, oscillations and communication through movement, to gain better understanding of the body and our innate musicality.
Embodied Dance is a powerful physical practice (strengthening, stretching, opening, conditioning) as well as a highly energetic practice in that it opens free movement within the whole body, aligns energy centres and allows the practitioner to feel inspired, open & energised.
Whether one approaches this art form for personal movement liberation, physical or emotional healing, physical conditioning or simply for reaching an ecstatic state – it is a malleable, profound practice that can touch the spirit of any practitioner.
To practice Embodied Dance, one simply needs to be free of boundaries related to movement and willing to integrate their own movement based practices into a dynamic journey of physical & energetic healing. Through movement with a rhythm, we not only heal ourselves physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as well as develop a connection to Nature, each other and to the entire Universe
“A creative playshop, Embodied Dance by Daniel brings together yoga, movement, musicality, and emotions. Expect transformation from this workshop, which will leave you with a deeper understanding of your human form, and better alignment of your physical faculties.”

Emobodiment Dance Workshop

Introduction to Embodied Dance (2 – 3 hours) — MASTER CLASS
This workshop uses a combination of different concepts such as oscillations, floor work, ritualistic movements & physical conditioning to give the practitioner an introduction to Embodied Dance.

Embodied Dance: Elemental Series

Earth (90 min – 2 hours)
This workshop will utilise concepts such as animal style, floor work and physical conditioning to build the foundation of Embodied Dance, as well as to embody attributes of the Earth element including survival, roots, grounded, instinct & connection.
Water (90 min – 2 hours)
This workshop will present mirror work, oscillations of the body, and linking of movements to create flow. The techniques will embody the qualities of the Water element, namely stillness & movement, reflection, shape-shifting and fluidity
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