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Dee Dee Mahmood


Fitness & Weight Loss

Dee Dee Mahmood is an international multi-award-winning Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist & Celebrity Trainer. She is currently the Academic Adjunct (International Collaborations) with Edith Cowan University, Australia. Her expertise includes being Consultant & Visiting Lecturer for University of Malaya, Lecturer for United States Sports Academy, American Council on Exercise, International Sports Academy and the Singapore Sports Council.
International Ambassadorships to her name include being the 2017 Goodwill Ambassador for Norwegian Seafood Council, Norway; 2016 Blue Cap Movement Ambassador for Prostate Cancer Malaysia; Fitness Ambassador for Reebok (Singapore & Malaysia which she commenced since 2013); Singapore Heart Foundation Ambassador, among others. She has even graced Jetstar aeroplane as the 2015 Jetstar Asia Celebrate the Hero Award. Accolades to her includes the Gold Award for the Singapore Sporting Inspiration Award and the U.M. Cares Award by University of Malaya, Malaysia.
Emphasizing always on knowledge for empowerment of the individual, this Golden Key International Honor Society Scholar who received her degree and postgraduate in Australia and Singapore, Dee Dee’s PhD research on obesity under University of Malaya supported by National University of Singapore, was selected, because of its impact in Asia, and presented in the President’s Cup Award in the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Chapter Meeting 2016 in Tacoma Washington. She is a government HRDF certified trainer.
Dee Dee’s successful Signature programmes include Fat2Fit® Asia (Singapore, Malaysia and just launched in Indonesia – where participants lost upto 20 kg in 3 months, the healthy way) and Walking Football for Health Asia. Her work currently involves research collaborations internationally as well as synergy in corporate and community health.

Workshop Description:


The Science of Weight Loss and Inertia (Shortcuts that work)

Which diet is best for you? Metabolism myths dispelled. 80% exercise or is it? Sleeping your weight off and the motivation-behavioural change mystery unravelled.  Overcoming pitfalls and plateaus. And most importantly, how to sustain your weight loss successfully thereafter.
Dee Dee Mahmood, the international multi-award-winning Celebrity Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist & Academic Researcher, who was once obese herself, will share with you scientific evidence-based, shortcut tips and what works from her success stories from her Signature Programme Fat2Fit® Asia where participants successfully lost upto 20 kg in 3 months, the healthy happy way! Dee Dee’s multidisciplinary international Phd research on obesity was selected and presented in the President’s Cup Award in the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Chapter Meeting 2016 in Tacoma Washington.  It was selected because of its impact on obesity in Asia.
Background: The SUCCESS of Fat2Fit® Asia with Dee Dee Mahmood:
Fat2Fit® is a Dee Dee Mahmood’s signature “INSPIRE & EMPOWER” community-health initiative spearheaded by its Founder and Mentor, Dee Dee Mahmood, an international award-winning Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist and Academic Researcher. Started as Fat2Fit® RTM TV1 (17-episodes reality TV segment on “Apa Kata Wanita”), then to Fat2Fit ® Malaysia with University Malaya and MARA, Fat2Fit® Singapore and Fat2Fit® Indonesia.
Fat2Fit ® is a Signature programme by Dee Dee Mahmood:

  • Holistic and multidiscplinary obesity fitness management programme;
  • utilising the tripartite concept of physical activity, nutrition and the psychology of well-being
  • emphasis on behavioural change;
  • evidence-based with sound scientific research on its effectiveness;
  • based on the supportive accountability framework for modelling the ways in which human relationships can support the interventions.


Fat2Fit® WOW! Inertia Training

Realign your body with this functional dance fitness-integrated using rotational movements to stabilise the spine and strengthen your core muscles.  Work your balance, coordination and reaction time in this energised session. To the beat of international hip music. A FUNctional weight loss tool, Endorphinised by Dee Dee!

Flex and Dance – A Runner’s Guide (“From The Expert” Session)

Learn how to improve your running performance and skills. Dee Dee will share sound scientific support and hands-on practicals to go the distance and up your tempo in your running. The functionals of flex and dance – and how to apply it to your running to optimize your running performance. For the beginners to the occasional runners to the running enthusiasts – You will never run the same again!
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