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Deep Kumar


pranayama & yoga philosophy

Deep is a world wide reknown yoga teacher trainer. He has gone through all the modern and traditional forms of yoga such as Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, Anusara and Meditation to find out the reality and truth of yoga. He regularly conducts Yoga teacher training courses and workshops all around the world and is an expert Corporate Yoga Trainer.
Deep specializes in mind-body medicine and has had the opportunity to observe how psychosocial stress and anxiety, depression, anger, pain or relationship problems can affect cardie-pulmonary, gastroenterological, immunity, and practically every biological function.
He believes we can utilize mind-body techniques such as yoga postures, breathing exercises and laughter and meditation for mental-physical relaxation and stress management, to lead a better quality of life through health.
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Dynamic Asana(Posture)With Dynamic Dhyana(Meditation)

Asana leads to the 7th step of Yoga which is meditation. Asana are designed to bring a person into the state of the present. Yoga postures help to release suppressed and negative emotions from our system and create a clear pathway for our Prana (energy) to move freely through the entire body. In this session, Deep will guide you through the journey of Expansion and Opening with the Dynamic way of Deep Yoga. With Dynamic Meditation, Deep will help you to release stagnant Emotional blockages, to find your ground and take you into the presence of your own being. Life is beautiful when we understand that the mind and body are not two, they are united; they are one. Modern psychology has even proven that 80% of human problems are actually psychological and that these psychological problems are caused from over thinking the past and future.

So, what is yoga?

Yoga means to understand the power of presence and to realize the full potential of your own energy. In this workshop, Deep will guide you through a journey of uniting the body, breath and mind so that you can meet the true self that’s hidden deep inside. As Bhagwad Geeta says “Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self”.

Asana(Posture) and Pranayama (Yoga Breathing)

are the 3rd and 4th Limb of Patanjali Eight Limbs Yoga. Pranayama must be followed after Asanas. Asanas are there to balance our Ha, Sun/male,and Tha, moon/female, energies. Joints and muscles have to be used and aligned correctly in order to enter deeperĀ  into the realm of Yoga. Only then, after balancing your sun and moon, male and female energy can you delve deeper into the secrets and mystics of your own breath. Breath IS life, and once you know how to use the breath you can be in touch with your own self. Through the power of Asana and Pranayama, your daily life will become a joyful and celebrative experience.
In this session Deep will share with you all the yogic secrets to balance your energy by using the body correctly in postures. Then he will take you down the path of the mysteries hidden within the power of your own breath.
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