Emma Jory

Emma Jory


Pilates / Pre Natal & Post Natal

Emma is an Internationally Certified Pilates, Barre, Yoga and Educator. Her passion and specialisation is in Women’s Health; Pre & Post Natal, Diastisis Recti Recovery & Pelvic Floor Health. She is also a certified Health Coach.
Emma has been teaching movement for over 13 years and her varied experience and training gives her a powerful holistic way of looking at the body. Her certifications range from Stott & Polestar Pilates, Personal training, TRX, Ballet Barre, Rehabilitation, Anatomy Trains, NLP & Reiki, Yoga, Pre & Post Natal Yoga & Pilates. Myofascial Release, Yamana Foot Fitness & Body Rolling and Pilates for Golfers.
Emma founded and operated Emergy Pilates Lounge for over 6 years. It was one of the most successful Boutique Pilates studios in Sydney Australia and is still operating today. The studio was built from a strong desire to create a community where she could share her knowledge and passion and was an international educational hub for STOTT PILATES, regularly hosting Pilates Teacher Training courses.
Emma (at her studio) was the first to teach Ballet Barre in Australia, later becoming a teacher trainer and traveling throughout Australia and Asia training Instructors. She sold the studio in 2014 to move to Malaysia with her husband ,which she now calls home.
Emma has been featured in various magazines, and is now a writer herself. She has trained many well known celebrities and her knowledge is sought after by many who have experienced the positive changes through her teachings. 
She loves building communities around her passion of the body, and spreading the benefits of Pilates throughout the world through her online studio www.epilatesonline.com, retreats and workshops.

Workshop Description:

Pilates for a healthy back!

Learn how the Pilates system can help you relieve back pain and tightness, strengthen your core and ensure you have a healthy spine and posture for life.
Joseph Pilates said “A man is as old as his spine”
We all spend far too many hours sitting and hunched over our devices these days. Pilates helps to correct this forward posture and at the same time creates balance in the body by strengthening those weaker areas like the butt muscles that get neglected from too much sitting!
Pilates will help you stand taller, straighter and with awareness! Posture and our daily activities play a huge role in back care. Join Emma for this informative session and leave with some amazing tools to take into your every day life! 

Restore Your Core – Post Natal recovery & Pelvic floor health 

It’s common for many women not to spend time properly recovering after childbirth. This is one of the most important times for a women to take care of her body. Pregnancy, childbirth and some major abdominal surgeries can lead to huge changes in a womens body. It is important to get back safely and the right way to ensure a healthy and permanent recovery.
Women can start as early as a week after giving birth to restore their core using specific pelvic floor exercises.  Emma will guide you through some of the most effective, safe pelvic floor and post natal recovery exercises that you can take with you for life.
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