Frederique Suriya

Frederique Suriya


Chakra Essential Oil

Frédérique Suriya is a conscious holistic and vibrational aromatherapist originally from Marseilles – France. Member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA), she has trained for years with Lydia Bosson in Switzerland (Usha Veda School), Gabriel Mojay in UK (ITHMA), Jade Shutes in USA (School of Aromatic Studies) and more recently Gilles Fournil in France (Olfactothérapie®), she lives a simple and rich life in Janda Baik, a village at the edge of the jungle of Malaysia, and has done so for the past 16 years. She knows how to share her love for Truth, Nature and Aromatics with great enthusiasm. “What else could I do to serve Love of the Universe, Nature and all Beings united? I love the world of aromatherapy: the aromatic plants and the aromatherapists in their purest forms always remind me that life is boundless experiencing, infinite knowledge, continuous insight…”

Workshop Description:

Let your Chakras resonate with Essential Oils


Part 1:

This 2 hours seminar will present the approach of vibrational aromatherapy using the study and experience of 7 essential oils related to the 7 main chakras to help you recognise, balance and energise their physical, emotional and spiritual phenomena.

Part 2:

This 1.5 hours workshop will allow you to dive deeper into the comprehension and perception of vibrational aromatherapy with a unique olfactory meditation: a fragrant journey through all 7 main chakras, leaving you with a memory of being aligned and connected.
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