Hannah Lo

Hannah Lo


Womens Healing Arts

Hannah is a Singer, Speaker, Writer and Teacher.
Her hearts calling is to guide women back to their body, womb, intuition and heart lead feminine power so they become examples of Love, Beauty, Compassion and Freedom in the world.
For over 8 years now Hannah has dove deeply into spirituality and the feminine mysteries, studying under many teachers, attending courses & trainings all over the world as well as learning her greatest lessons through heartache, loss and transforming herself over and over.
Her work and teachings stem not just from the knowledge she’s acquired over the years but from a very real embodiment of what life itself has taught her.
Hannah believes that one of the greatest forces for global change will be when more and more women live from a place of Feminine lead Power.

Workshop Description


The power of sacred feminine healing arts
Discover the lost art of healing and transformation through the feminine principles.
During this talk Hannah will use her own personal stories to share the profound and magical journey a woman under takes when she chooses to reclaim her innate power.
She will also touch upon women’s healing arts from understanding our blood mysteries, the hidden wisdom of the female body, our feminine superpowers and ecstatic cycles.



“Hannah Lo & Ash Nair”

We all want depth, trust and intimacy in our relationships. To feel desired, truly seen and loved by our partners. Yet so many of us struggle to create what we want. Our hearts break and we feel torn apart when it comes to intimate relationship.
What if there was a purpose for the struggle? If the discomfort was actually an opportunity for an awakening? The pain an invitation for transformation on the deepest levels and for alchemy of the most powerful kind?
During this workshop Hannah and Ash will share their personal journey of creating alchemy through intimate relationship. Sharing stories and knowledge on the sacred science of the mystics.
They will cover the following topics:

  • the principles of alchemy
  • transforming habitual patterns that keep you stuck
  • masculine and feminine dynamics
  • shadow work & confronting your deepest wounds
  • the power of honesty, openess and surrender
    For men and women wanting to explore the spiritual side of relationships.
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