Pranic Healing

Hengameh is an architect, writer and overall lover of imagination, philosophy and wholesome living. She is a PhD student in the field of Architecture and Feng Shui and a Pranic Healing instructor. She has been practicing healing for more than a decade now and has conducted healing and meditation classes in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Philippines till date. Hengameh is passionate about meditation, reflection and holistic therapy and believes they can bring quality, joy and simplicity back into our modern life. She is the co-founder of PranaWorld.net and author of several self-development books. She also writes in various well-known self-motivational websites and magazines, including Yoga Life, Body Mind Soul, Life Hack and Pick the Brain.h

Workshop Description:

Heal Your Life through Pranic Healing

Although we have no manual for life, we are fortunate to have access to the ancient teachings today, that give us clues and guidelines to help us live in harmony & manage our lives in the best way. Our energy system is a subtle representation of our lives. The more comfortable we are on the inside the more our outer world will reflect the same. When are energy centers are clear and the energy’s are flowing easily, our lives flow more easily as well. When we work through our inner issues & challenges, the world responses accordingly. By understanding the characteristics of each energy center, we are more easily able to recognize the areas in our lives that need healing or transformation.

Live Healthy & Be Happy

Happiness is basically an active or passive state of pleasure; a feeling of joy which can be due to a pleasurable situation or sometimes regardless of the surrounding environment. The Happiness seminar is designed to introduce happiness from different perspectives and provide simple practical techniques to cultivate it. It introduces means and techniques to remove negative thoughts and feelings from our system and fill us with the energies of peace, happiness and joy.

Stress-Relief using Simple Energy Techniques

Currently stress is one of the major problems in many societies, which is the primary cause of many future health issues including heart disease, ulcer, high blood pressure and psychological illnesses. Stress Management Seminar is designed to help the individuals understand stress, its negative effects on life and how to control it. Stress management is therefore a process to help people learn and recognize the signs of stress and techniques that are helpful in controlling and expressing it.
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