J. Redza

J. Redza


Creative Empowerment & Spiritual Healing

J. Redza was born into the arts, raised by a bohemian lifestyle by both artist parents and an arts family of art historian, painters, sculptors, dancers, musicians, choreographers, fashion designers, art curators and gallerists.
She was trained as a dancer and was exposed to various disciplines of performing arts & visual arts practices which includes since the age of 3, which included painting, drawing, sculpture, design, ballet, tap, modern, contemporary dance & musical theatre. She started performing professionally for TV shows from the age of 4, started a professional modeling & TV hosting carrier by the time she was 15, which then lead her into producing international award-winning commercials for Leo Burnett Advertising KL & Yasmin Ahmad by the time she was 19.
Being born with multi-dimensional ‘ESP’, with the ability to channel, she was exposed to various meditation & yoga techniques, and also esoteric studies from the age of 5; introduced by her father, whom was also an artist, psychic, astrologer, highly intuitive and a palm reader, which in her later years lead her to continue her spiritual practices through various other masters universally, whom she met in real life usually within a week after meeting them first in ‘dream-states’, through her ancient shamanistic Sri-Lankan & Portuguese ancestry lineage. She has spent almost a lifetime studying and exploring the arts & energy consciousness; amongst various modalities which includes Vippasana, Ashtanga, Yin & Kriya Yoga, Pranic Healing, Nei-Qong, Chi-Qong, & Tantra. After a lifetime of exploring these various different forms of ‘ARTS’ & Energy consciousness, she has come up ‘ARTS-CONSCIOUSNESS’.
‘ARTS-CONSCIOUSNESS’ is a module, created to help empower people to break through life struggles & challenges, insecurities and unsafe feelings from childhood trauma, life experiences, broken belief systems and transition into breaking ‘FREE’; unleashing their own unique ‘AUTHENTIC’ power from within through the ‘ARTS & ENERGY CONSCIOUSNESS’, as everything in life is connected to our personal spiritual emotions, expressions & true connection to our soulful & colourful creative spirit.

Workshop Description:

Workshop 1 :

What is ‘ARTS-CONSCIOUSNESS’? Why is it important and how can it heal humanity and the world today?
Breaking down the ‘ARTS-CONSCIOUSNESS’ modality for general public understanding and it’s healing abilities in our daily life. It will also include a meditation session with sound for an introduction for the general participants.

Workshop 2 :

A Creative Empowerment & Spiritual Healing Workshop – Unleashing Our ‘AUTHENTIC’ Creative Power From Within, Through Movement & Sound Frequencies.
I will be sharing many of my lifetime knowledge and experiences through meditative & dance movements with sound frequency & music. This workshop will include live percussion performance by my most gifted and amazing beloved friend Calvin Clarke from the UK.
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