James Wong

James Wong

Malaysia/New Zealand

Vinyasa Yoga & Yoga Anatomy

Known as the “YOGA ANATOMY & POSTURAL STUDIES GURU” in Southeast Asia, James has been travel all over Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand to spread his teachings. James comes from an in-depth knowledge on Anatomy and Post Rehabilitation Therapy background where he spent years of studies and research on the human body biomechanics and postural studies. He applies the structural aspects of the spine and the functionality of the body anatomy into developing yoga practices in a safe and effective way. He always emphasize in class and teachers training that it is not about forcing ourselves into a pose but it is the joy and journey of understanding our human body and limitations and how we work towards minimizing the limitation in our body without injuries. Some of us maybe born flexible but lack of control and some needs to work their way into flexibility. All requires time to cultivate, both strength in the mind, wisdom and physique in doing a yoga pose.
James passion of sharing his knowledge today came from his ups and downs in his life which started from his teenage life as a contemporary dancer and stage drama in New Zealand and shares his past experiences to inspire the light in others. Although he has stopped his passion in dancing and stage drama for so many years due to his injuries in the past; his gracefulness from his dance background shows it in his yoga poses.
For the past years, James has been watching the worldwide birth, growth and sequential rapid spread of yoga with fascination – how all these started from the Eastern and Western influence. Over the decades, James have been resorting to several therapeutic modalities such as Yoga, Pilates and massage, spinal manipulation to help in his injuries from dance. From several studies and years of compilations of methods and experimentation on his healing journey; he came with a formula to help others who suffers the same pain he went through.
He has based his Training Motto in these 4 words – ARTE™ (Anatomy, Re-Alignment, Therapy & Energy!)
Anatomy – Understanding one’s overall postural misalignment and each segment of the body involving the spine, shoulders and hips area and identifying which category do they belong to. Once postural assessment has been made, each individual will be clear with what shortfalls they may have when performing certain movements in yoga or any types of exercises. James teaches 7-Days of Yoga Anatomy & Postural Assessment as part of his 200 Hours Yoga Alliance Teachers Training.
Re-alignment – Realigning the posture with several techniques and methods from JW Wellness School which includes structural work on thoracic spine opening to allow many gateways of yoga poses to be achieved; realigning the scapula-humeral mobility and hips mobilization to move with ease into a yoga pose. Along the years he has also developed 2 new modalities “Spinal” Wheel and Airflow Yoga (Anti-gravity Yoga). He has been introducing the benefits of the “Spinal” wheel on thoracic spine opening and have been conducting many workshops during 2016 and his upcoming Spinal Wheel 50-Hours Yoga Alliance Teachers training in 2017. As for his Airflow Yoga (Anti-gravity Yoga), James shares the essence of his spine traction and spinal mobility benefits using the hammocks. He already conducted 3 Teachers training for Airflow Yoga in 2016 with 30 new breeds of Airflow teachers over the region and 2 new branches of Airflow Yoga licensed centres in Klang and Bangsar. A very interesting year ahead!
Therapy – Therapy section includes Myofascia Release Techniques which James adopts trigger points to release tight or injured areas of the body from either sedentary postures or wrongly aligned postures from yoga asanas. Many a times, students will tend to force into shaping a yoga pose just to look good into a pose or more often so using external forces from overly engaging their muscles to shape into a pose when in fact their posture are not ready for a particular pose; instead of allowing themselves to breathe into a yoga pose. Muscle memories of overly engaged “external” forces causes muscles to be tightened up muscles from repetitive misaligned techniques. James is a certified Myofascia Trigger Point Remedial Therapist from Perth Western Australia; affiliated with IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapist). He conducts intensive trainings for Myofascia Release Therapy.
James teaches students to rehabilitate their muscle memory system with motor control functional yoga exercises in order to allow it to work in its maximum efficient level with injury prevention. James also took his his spinal manual therapy certification under Dr. Toby Hall and Kim Robinson from Perth Australia and incorporates into his work and training.
ENERGY & QI – Once a person goes through the A-R-T process, their bodies will go through a miraculous change to be able to feel the energy of their bandhas, breath and the Vayu energy while performing vinyasa yoga flow. He explains in details on the importance and movements of Vayu energies and how important to bring the balance of our Yin & Yang energy in our yoga practice.
He is also a Stott Pilates certified teacher. His teachings in yogas emphasizes a lot of breaths and inner core muscles engagements (bandhas) which will allow us to experience a yoga pose in a much lighter and tension free on other muscle groups.
James has more than 15 years of yoga practice & more than 15 years of teaching experience. He is a ERYT200 Certified US Yoga Alliance teacher & trainer. James is fun loving, gentle but can also be dynamic in his yoga classes; accompanied with his creative sequencing and good coaching skills. His classes emphasizes a lot of foundational and functional anatomy aspects of yoga which he adopts his teachings from various yoga backgrounds such as Vinyasa Flow, Iyenger, Asthanga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pranayama Yoga and many more. From his wide background he loves funky poses in classes!
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Workshop Description:



Explore the power of Spinal Movement and Shoulder Alignment understanding to Backbend poses (1.5 hours) – includes a series of James’ signature spinal roll movements and vinyasa yoga flow to work your flexibility on a series of Backbend and finding shoulder girdle flexibility & stability in backbend yoga asanas. In this section, James will be sharing the basic understanding of Breath-work and the Anatomy of Shoulders and Hips to give you a clear mapping of your body’s condition and you as an individual; how to approach your fears in backbend. James can show you the way to Your Freedom in your lower back pain, Freedom in your Heart, Opening to Grace in BACKBEND!


Come expand your knowledge as James shares the equation of the law of balance in Arm Balance asanas. He will be sharing the internal alignment of breath-work and using the strength from within you to make you feel lighter in your arm balance. Anxious to find out how can you be stronger without using much strength; or how can strength be ignited from deep within you? Often in our day to day lifestyle; we tend to overuse our internal rotators and when that happens; when we work on our arm balance poses; many would complain tight chest or wrist pain due to the overuse of internal rotation habits. In this session, James will be focusing on developing strength on your external rotator cuffs of the shoulders and shoulders stabilizer and the alignment of our hands and wrist; not to forget the hips Adduction which plays an important role in floating in our arm balances!
Come play with him in this session as James shows you a totally new journey of balance with understanding the law of balancing!


Not only a Master Trainer in Yoga but James is also a certified remedial therapist in Myofascia Release Therapy from Perth, Australia affiliated with IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) and he will be sharing the knowledge of tight Myofascia from different sections of the body starting from the lower region to the upper region of the body and how each section can be released to ease tight spots in your body which causes pain on certain areas of your body and how releasing trigger point allows freedom in our yoga practices.
Main topics covered would be the major areas of the hips (psoas muscles, gluteals region and how release of tight myofascia brings back the natural bio-mechanic motor function of the hips) and shoulder girdle(rotator cuffs,the 3 main nerves of the arms- Median, Radial and Ulna nerves; where he explains why most people suffers from nerve sensitisation problems when they force into a shoulder extension; when there are already pre-existing mobility dysfunction condition on the shoulder. He teaches students how to release those tight sections of the shoulders and regain strength internally to proper shoulder alignment in yoga poses.
James links his Myofascia teaching on how to release tight shoulders and tight hips to enable us to find freedom in our yoga poses. If you suffer from knee pain, Lower back pain, shoulder and neck pain; come find out how you can relieve pain from Myofascia Release Trigger Point Therapy with James.
Students who have followed him from all over Asia, America and Australia have benefited so much from the therapeutic aspect of his teachings and not only alleviated their years of pain and discomfort but also found great improvements in the energy of their yoga asanas & overall well-being! If you are seeking for these answers for years… Seek No more….Join Murfest with James is your Ultimate Solution in his workshop sessions.
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