Karen Lara Joy

Karen Lara Joy


Intuitive Guide & Counsellor

Karen of Karen’s Andaras Karen works with Andara Crystals and is a clear channel for messages from Higher Consciousness. She has been called a Messenger and Angel Whisperer by yogis, channels and clients. Her great joy and Soul Mission is to Empower people to take the steps they need to heal, blossom and to walk lightly and joyfully upon their Soul’s Path. Her readings are illuminating and life changing workshops fun, action packed and greatly healing. Participants of her workshops commonly report wonderful breakthroughs and life enhancing changes afterwards.

Workshop Description:

Heal Your Sacral Chakra Reclaim Your Sacred Power Series

A Journey for Women The Sacred or Sexual Chakra is the Seat of Creation, Feminine Power and Mystique. Come discover the Hidden Truths of this Chakra. Unblock, Connect and Heal through Ecstatic Dance, Breath & Meditation with the Beautiful and Conscious Andara Crystals. Life changing breakthroughs have been reported by women discovering their passion and expressing their Sacred Power after attending this short intensive Workshop. This beautiful Empowering Workshop expressly designed for Women is definitely one not to be missed!
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