Dhol Master & Artistic Director

The Malaysian dhol federation needs no lengthy introduction. The Dhol Federation is the most established Dhol troupe in South East Asia. Lead by master drummer – Keeran D, The Dhol Federation has a total of 10 professional Dhol drummers based in Kuala lumpur, Malaysia.
Dhol Federation’s humble beginnings can be traced back to the year 1998 in Ipoh, where Keeran had picked up the interest in the Dhol. soon after, Keeran bought his first Dhol and embarked on a musical journey that would change his life forever. Keeran discovered the love for the instrument that was second to none. His family and friends realized that he had a god given talent and was blessed with a genius musical brain. he is now widely regarded as south east Asia’s Best Dhol Player.
All the core drummers of Dhol Federation have been tough and handpicked by Keeran himself. Keeran has made sure that they have been given all the right guidance and the know- how of the performing arena. with years of experience of drumming in the performing arena, the Dhol Federation is definitely a crowd favourite.
Combining their graceful and energetic movements and choreography, they have always left audiences amazed and wanting for more. The traditional bhangra beats infused with their very own creative beats truly makes the music an experience to anyone who watches them perform.

Workshop Description:

Dhol & Bhangra Workshop

They both connect with each other with the Dhol providing the beat and bhangra for the moves. In this workshop you will learn how to move to a beat and dance with all your heart out. Those of you who are keen to get your hands on the Dhol drums are encouraged to join, as we will give you a real experience of wearing and playing a dhol drum. In bhangra we have probs created alongside the dance moves, hence you will get a hands on experience with items such as Shikey, Chamta, Kato & Dende. Bhangra will leave your worries away and create memories. See you there!
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