Kirenjit Singh

Kirenjit Singh


Bhangra Jam

Kirenjit Singh (Kiren) , The Bhangra Dance Master has obtained a Certification in Sport – Personal Trainer in Strength & Conditioning. He was working as a Fitness Manager for Malaysia\’s largest gym, Celebrity Fitness, for almost 10 years. With his technical knowledge in fitness and passion in Bhangra, that is how BhangraJam was born in 2005.

Workshop Description


Bhangra is Punjabi Folk Dance that is heavy on the beats of Dhol (drum). It is gaining popularity rapidly in Asia and more so in Western countries. Traditionally, Bhangra was performed when celebrating the harvest festival, Vaisakhi. Nowadays, Bhangra is performed in almost all functions such as weddings, birthdays or any celebrations. BhangraJam is a cardiovascular Dance Fitness Program. It is a good option to burn calories, tone and firm up our body while dancing in catchy and upbeat Bhangra and Bollywood music with expression. Classes are often filled with laughter, screams and fun.
A typical one hour class will burn about 300 calories and 6,500 stepsmeasured by Apple Watch.

FIT Bollywood

This is a dance fitness program that uses latest and famous Bollywood songs and item songs from Hindi movies to exercise; emphasis on face and body expression.


Abs, Butt & Thigh is a fitness program that uses weights to exercise those 3 areas.
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