Les Leventhal

Les Leventhal



Les has a unique gift of using the practice to mirror and reflect those truths you hold deep inside yourself and then challenge you on those truths…sometimes all in the one pose! A teacher who speaks directly from the heart of experience taking you on wonderful journey deep inside.
Les owes his new life to yoga. It is because of this he gifts his yoga, and his life to others. A life that journeyed Les from rock bottom to a world of endless possibility, he infuses fun, laughter, inspiration and transformation into all of his classes. His appreciation for all that is, radiates in all that he does.
Les’ studies are steeped in Forrest tradition, having completed Ana Forrest’s teacher training. Les has also assisted Ana’s teacher training and studied many additional hours with her as well as completing several trainings with Tias Little. Les’ yoga will give you an opportunity to heal your heart and laugh, cry, dance and just let go.

Website: www.lesleventhalyoga.com
Facebook: les.leventhal
Instagram: LesLeventhalYoga

Workshop Description:


Anahata Chakra Vinyasa – MASTERCLASS

Heart Openers and Backbends are some of yoga’s most exhilarating postures. In this workshop we will open the entire front body, with emphasis on the heart center. This workshop is accessible for beginners to advanced practitioners and teachers, who want to pay special attention to this area of practice. Flow through a sequence of postures that will bring your heart chakra back into balance and complete harmony. We will explore many different ways of working with and without props, along with physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of a backbend. Your heart will dance through the fine art of balancing and effortless surrender. We will work on bringing more awareness to pranayama and ujjayi breathing in this workshop, Acknowledging the lungs as an integral part of this body region, as well as the role our breath-work plays in the practice.

Detox Flow Vinyasa

Sequences of Hip Openers will liberate tension commonly held in this area, While twists will free your spine and promote detoxification through internal massage This Hips and Twists workshop is great for beginners to advanced practitioners and teachers, who want to learn how to up-level in creative ways and also provide a safe foundation for their beginning students.. Opening the hips begins by cultivating awareness of the challenges we hold in our hips and pelvic region. While we work to release this tension, we can begin to relax and strengthen the quads, the inner and outer muscles of the thighs and also stretch the hamstrings. While unlocking this area of our body, we will also free the spine with twists which can infuse the body with vitality and well being, releasing enormous amounts of tension. Twists are associated with toning and rejuvenating the abdominal and pelvic regions. When these regions are engaged, blood flow naturally increases and toxins are released. Relaxing and strengthening these areas releases lower back tension and frees limitation in the neck and shoulders.

Facing and Embracing Fears

This Arm balance and Inversions workshop empowers students to have fun with their fear, often achieving what they may have previously thought not possible. We’ll cover the foundations of setting up an arm balance for newer students, while more advanced practitioners are encouraged to try and explore various up-levels. This workshop is accessible for all levels and teachers who want to pay special attention to this area of practice. Flying is like a great fire of courage once that flame is ignited it never goes out. Arm Balances and Inversions can be some of yoga most challenging yet fun poses to practice. Learn to safely defy gravity, starting with a single breath. In this workshop you will strengthen your core to better support your arm balances. We will build upper body strength which will help support and build healthier wrists, elbows and shoulders. We will guide you to engage the legs, so they don’t take refuge in Savasana. Begin cultivating awareness of your body in an upside down position and moving through space, while surfing from one pose to another. Yoga should be satisfying and fun, not a chore of full of fear. This workshop will launch you there.
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