Liam Harkness

Liam Harkness

United Kingdom

Stretch Clinic

Liam graduated as a Sports Therapist in 1995 and has more than 20yrs of experience treating clients with long term health issues and chronic pain.
Liam has presented at Sports Medical conventions and run educational workshops for National Sports Institutes and Government hospitals. His classes focus on biomechanics and rehabilitation from injury and include topics as far ranging as Sports Performance to Advanced Techniques for Manual Therapy.
Liam’s popularity as a physical therapist is well established in Asia and the Middle East. His client list includes people from all walks of life, from Olympic gold medal winning athletes and Oscar nominated celebrities to busy executives and heads of state. Don’t miss an opportunity to attend one of his seminars or book a private consultation and experience first hand why Liam is such a valued health consultant for many of the Royal families in the region.

Workshop Description:

Exercises for lower back pain

In this workshop we will explore the common causes of lower back pain and how to assess some of the more important risk factors for you and your students with 3 simple tests.
After assessing we will move on to building a 10 minute back strengthening protocol that will decompress the spine enabling you to enjoy the activities that keep you young and active. This workshop is ideal for Yoga and Pilates teachers as well as fitness professionals who work with clients looking to improve pain free movement. The exercises will be both mobility and stability based with a focus on pelvic control and hip mobility.

Active Alignment

This exercise program has been designed to tighten up the postural muscles that weaken from long periods of sitting. Daily repetition of this series of body weight movements builds strength and restores function to the stabilizing muscles that keep us straight and tall. Over time, as the hips and shoulder joints become supported and stable, pressure is released from the spine enabling the body to flow in pain free movement.
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