Irene Lim

Irene Lim


Sound Healer and Animal Communicator

Irene is a law graduate, holds a masters in law before she decided to switch ‘careers’ in the healing world. She began her journey as a Canine Myofunctional therapist 10 years ago. She then proceeded to explore reiki and animal communication. It was during one of her animal communication session that discovered her other abilities and that sparked her into learning more on the healing modalities for the human counterpart. Today she is an Angel miracle teacher, a sound healer, animal communicator and an auset temple healer. It was through the Angel Miracle workshops that she began her connection with Archangel Michael. She believes that all that she has learnt in her journey is what that has made her the person she is today. All that she has learned, she integrates in her healing. She believes that we are all energy. She has appeared in Season 2 of the Paranormal Zone Episode 10.
“A life is precious, live it to the fullest and the best” – Irene

Workshop Description:



Crystal bowls have been known to have healing properties. A light tap on the right tone on the bowl can either send someone into deep relaxation or a little bit of uncomfortability. That is fine. It’s just your body adjusting to what it is not used to. In this session, I would like to take you through a journey of experiential workshop. I would like to work on your voice, your sound and how you are feeling using only sound.


Come into a journey where the bowls take you into a state of relaxation and bliss. In this workshop, you will lie down. It is a closed eye process, whereby I take you to a journey of meditation and sound.


Everyone of us have an animal guide that leads us in our lives. Yes we have angels too that guides us too and we also have our animal guide. We all have One animal guide that stays with us and guides us through our life and decision. The angels and the animals work side by side, hand in hand.
Come join me in this discovery of your animal guide and how it can help you in your life.
This will be through meditation and a journey you will never forget.
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