Nina Watson

Nina Watson


Yoga Medicine & Yoga Tune Up

Nina Watson is an International RYT500 Yoga, Yoga Medicine, Pilates, Yin and Yoga Tune Up® teacher from the Netherlands, with more than two decades of teaching experience.
After living and teaching for the last eight years in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Nina is now living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
One of her greatest loves is traveling the world and teaching workshops and retreats. With a background in Modern Dance Nina has a natural love and feeling for movement. She has studied many forms of yoga, and she likes to weave this knowledge into her classes, passing it on in workshops to both students and teachers.
To her Yoga is a path of Self-Realisation, the art of getting good at being yourself. She is a warrior of self acceptance.
Nowadays we live so much in our head that if we are not careful we become detached from our bodies. By inviting people to take residence into their bodies, they ease tension, establish body awareness and learn to re-connect with themselves.
Nina continues to be a dedicated student of anatomy, movement and meditation

Workshop Description:

Roll and Release

The Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls offer an easy and powerful practice of mayofascial release to address the “Issues In Your Tissues
Self Massage will help you ease tension in your body, increase range of motion, cultivate a deeper breath pattern and invite you to profound relaxation!
Nina will guide you in this workshop through a full body roll out to relieve tightness and provide fresh insights into your body. You will learn easy to follow techniques which you can use anywhere to roll your way to an experience of body and mind that feels liberated and refreshed.
Whether you are a yogi, an athlete, or a desk-jockey, you can learn how to offer your well deserving body the gift of Self Massage!

Yoga Ball Therapy

When there is a restriction or adhesion in a certain part of your myofascia, the muscle cannot function fully, and neither can the joint(s) to which that muscle attaches. Therapy Balls rolling and other self-massage techniques squeeze, knead, compress, and pry loose muscle fibres and their associated fascial tissues that have become adhered to each other. All of this co-motion within the tissues increases localized blood circulation, consequently bathing and ultimately rehydrating the area.
Rolling and other self-massage techniques teases apart the “sticky” or adherend part of the tissues, literally seperating the individual muscle fibres within the actual muscle so that each fibre can pull its own weight instead of its neighbor’s!
In this workshop you will learn many types of myofascial release techniques and when to use them!
Some of the benefits of Yoga Ball Therapy are:
* Reduces Stress
* Improves Posture and Performance
* Increases Your Mobility and Energy
* Relieves Aches and Pain
* Enhance Breathing Function

Tune up your Hips

Many students come to yoga looking for more flexibility in the hips, or assume that they can stretch their way through perceived problems, but sometimes too much of a good thing can work against us.
Once we become more flexible, we tend to look for the release that we get from the deeper variations of hip openers in poses such as single legged pigeon but as we continue to push further there is eventually a risk of the joint becoming strained.
The support of the deeper structures of the joint become less effective and which in turn can lead to hypermobility. So instead of pushing deeper into flexible areas, notice spots where you are tight or weak and look instead for poses to challenge the strength of the hips, shifting your focus from hip opening to hip stability.
It is essential to create a healthy balance between flexibility and strength in the joint to maintain the integrity of the deeper structures of the joint!
In this workshop we will explore our hips and look for:
-What is tight and what is weak.
-How can we create more integrity around the hip joint.
-How can we shift our focus from hip openness to hip stability
-Some common causes of hip pain and how to treat them
Last but not least:
-How can we practice yoga in such a way that serves our hips rather than causing  harm
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