Sandeep Sailli

Sandeep Sailli


Injury Prevention

Sandeep Sailli holds Master Degree in Physiotherapist from University of Brighton, UK. He has keen interest in Yoga therapy, anatomy, pain management and injury prevention. Sandeep conducts these program under “Turn your Ouch to Aum” series. He is invited to speak and conduct workshops in many countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Developer and brand owner of Yoga Tape, world’s first kinesiology tape developed for Yoga Practitioners, Sandeep has also been clinician and physiotherapy lecturer in universities in Singapore and Malaysia.

Workshop Description:



Ligament and Tendon Injuries, Causes, Prevention, Management and Yoga Taping
This workshop is designed for Yogis to get in-depth understanding of ligaments and tendons of Knee, wrist and ankle, the most vulnerable peripheral joints during asanas. With the use of interactive visuals, the participants will be able to understand anatomy and physiology of muscle, tendons and ligaments. The lecture will cover causes, management and prevention of ligamentous and tendon injuries. In prevention, role and mechanism application of Yoga Tape in management of pain will be discussed.
The lecture will be followed by an hour of workshop to learn Yoga Tape application. The participants will be able to learn and apply Yoga Tapes to different structures of the body
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