Silvia Sim

Silvia Sim



Silvia Sim is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Yoga teacher.  She has been teaching yoga since 1996, and runs a well established yoga studio in Damansara Heights.  Incorporating different styles, Silvia teaches group classes as well as therapeutic 1-on-1 session.  She has also trained in Qi Qong and Tai Chi.

Workshop Description:

A keen interest in the connection between the body, mind and soul lead her to discover BodyTalk.  In October 2016, Silvia gained her qualification in BodyTalk, and she is already seeing extraordinary results with adults and children in her clinic as well as remote/distance sessions.  With BodyTalk, Silvia is able to look at the full story behind the client’s symptoms and facilitate the restoration of the client’s own ability to heal.  BodyTalk is a healthcare designed by your own body.  
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