Sonia Shah

Sonia Shah



Dancing and Performing for the last 25 years, Sonia is a strong believer of music and dance as a teacher, healer and communicator.
Trained in Bharatnatyam and Kathak, she then ventured to India to explore the depths of Bollywood dancing, improv and self exploration through movement and music.
The journey has been extremely enriching. Taking a bolder step to work and teach Bollywood, Sonia uses the popular art form to break the boundaries of self confinement and encourage the need to self explore and to connect with oneself.
Bollywood in its simplicity, offers the opportunity to combine various art forms into a choreography that is fun, explorative, challenging yet not intimidating. Bollywood break the boundaries of age and limits and brings about an element of fun and communication

Workshop Description:


A highly energetic combination of the traditional Gujarati Garba and the ever popular Zhumba. Garba is a well known folk art form that work on repetition, routines, claps and is mostly done in circles. For a dancer or dance lover, A combination of Garba and Zhumba would lead you to exercise not only your body but your mind too as you work on the repetitive routines and movements. A throughly fun, challenging yet lively combination to explore at music festivals.

Bollywood Jam

A jam of amazing Bollywood moves to Bollywood tunes for high energy and ‘dhinchak’ moves. This session will teach you basic Bollywood moves to play and enjoy with anyone, anywhere anytime.
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