Tein Ni

Tein Ni



Move and be moved! A UK-Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Tein Ni is a firm believer that our bodies are sources of insight for us. Movement helps us understand one another and ourselves.
Through Flow Within, Tein Ni offers psychotherapy, training, and wellness programmes. She has a soft spot for working with people with autism and intellectual difficulties and has worked with them in the past 7 years.
Having just returned to Malaysia, Tein Ni is keen to share how Dance Movement Psychotherapy can help with relational growth and self-development. It is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, ability, or gender!

Workshop description:

Movement Profile: Move yourself!

Besides discovering your Movement Profile and what it reveals to you, we will explore different sides of yourself that you may not know existed, have long forgotten, or have just come into being!
Based on the premise that the body and the psyche inform each other, this revitalising movement workshop may leave you feeling different from when you first stepped in! No dance experience required, just a willingness to move!
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