Magnetizing Love

Julie Anne Shapiro


Julie-Anne is an internationally sought after speaker, coach and founder of Magnetizing Love. She engages, inspires and provides an embodied experience of transformation along with real-world actionable content, for women who are looking to attract and keep an extraordinary relationship.

Leading with her own unique blend of radiance, magnetism and manifesting mojo as well as her extensive knowledge and expertize, Julie-Anne is able to connect with her audiences, enabling them to relax, relate to and open up to her. Her inspiring personal story and journey to love, combined with her warm, engaging style never fail to leave her audiences wanting more.

With compassion and grace, Julie-Anne shines the light on the blocks to love you may not even realize you have and gives you the guidance, tools and transformation toattract the true love of your life.

  •  Learn how to become totally irresistible to the RIGHT partner
  •  Attract a man who loves and cherishes you just for being YOU
  •  Leave behind the old struggles, heartbreaks and disappointments
  •  Stop wishing for love – get on a mission for love!
  •  Discover the secrets to attracting true love no matter what your age, shape, size or looks
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