Menang & Rajakayu

Jurina Lee Abdullah

Menang 8 Sdn Bhd specializes in using wood sawdust powder (as its prime ingredient), roots and pure essential oils to formulate products for personal and home care. The wood sawdust powder and roots that we use are Agathis (Rajakayu), Moringa (Gemungal), Phyllanthus (Menang) and Red Tongkat Ali. No related trees are cut down as we use tree branches only.

All the wood sawdust has powerful vibrations to shift and change the energy in and around our body auric field and the environment. We also use pure essential oils that have good vibrations. It all started 4 years ago when our founder use the wood sawdust powder on her face and body and felt her spirit lifted, calm and fresh. It felt like there is ‘space’ around her physical body. Her aches and pain was also gone.

Menang 8 receives many feedback from happy and contented customers who also refers new customers to us. You can find independent reviews on skin related problem such as acne, pimples, eczema and psoriasis. Reduce muscular aches, arthritis, headache, migraine, gastric and more.

Today, we have a range of all-Natural products such as soaps (no sls) and facial mist cum toner for face and body. We also have Soy wax Rajakayu tea-light candles that is Awesome in shifting and cleanse away ‘stuck’ vibes in the environment. These candles are non fragrance and can be use in homes and offices for harmony. And use in shops to enhance business flow. Our latest products are Menang sawdust infused oils. These Menang oils when use, gives mental Clarity and Confidence to user. Also attracts good vibes.

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