Spa Ceylon

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From the teardrop isle of Ceylon, an exotic paradise nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, comes natural wellbeing rituals drawn from holistic practices of age-old wisdom, deep rooted in the culture of the island.

Derived from royal relaxation, rejuvenation, and healing rituals of Ayurveda, practiced in the grand palaces of Ceylon, comes the range of treasured formulae and rituals from Spa Ceylon, to hydrate, treat, purify and soothe your body, mind, and soul. Spa Ceylon combines Ayurveda wisdom, fine natural ingredients & contemporary design to bring you the ultimate in Ayurveda luxury – for health, wellbeing & relaxation.

The range includes treatment oils, massage balms, massage, and bath oils, essential oils, cleansing bars, exfoliating bars, shower gels, body scrubs, body packs, milk baths, body lotions, moisturizing balms, body mist, soothing balms, foot care and herbal compress.

Our international best sellers are the Sleep Therapy range, Peace-Lemongrass range, Detox range & Balms.

At Spa Ceylon we have a fierce love for, and commitment to, the wellbeing of our community, country, planet and fellow creatures.

We have applied that commitment at every phase of our business and nowhere is it more apparent than in the way we formulate our products. Each and every one of the products in our ranges are guaranteed 100% Vegetarian, Paraben Free, Paraffin Free, Alcohol Free, Not Tested On Animals, Promote Sustainable Harvesting & Support Community Fair Trade.

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