Shervin Boloorian


Sufi & Sound Medicine

As Asia’s premier certified Tama-Do sound therapist, Shervin combines extensive sound therapy knowledge with a variety of live sacred sound event experiences as leader of the acclaimed “Bali Sound Healers Collective.” In Bali, where he is based, he is reputed as one of the community’s most popular and talented multi-instrumentalist sound therapists and singers in residence. In 2012, he spearheaded a movement to make sound therapy part of the town of Ubud’s live music culture; successfully uniting local sacred musicians with visiting music artists, and has raised money for local causes. He continues share multiple sound healing modalities including: Bowl Meditations, Indigenous Sounds, Spirit Night: World Sacred Chants and Sound Healing, Connect to the Beloved: Sufi Sacred Sounds and Movement, Yin/Restorative Yoga and Live Music, and Sound Medicine: Tama-Do Sound Harmonizations. Shervin is also a celebrated vocalist and recording artist, provides one on one sessions, and is a trained Chi Gong instructor.

Shervin is founder of Sound Healing Bali and Founder/Director of the Bali Sound Healers Collective. An Iranian-born vocalist who presents sacred songs in multiple languages, he is a sound therapy practitioner and graduate of Fabien Maman’s Tama-Do “Way of the Soul” Academy (Started in 1988). Shervin’s multi-instrumental talents have taken his signature style of “Sound Medicine” to festivals and holistic venues worldwide. Per his specialized energy training with Tama-Do, and shamanic counseling skills from a year-long apprenticeship with Robin Rice, Shervin applies vibrational therapy to unwind minds, soften hearts, and nourish, energize and aid the body in self-recovery. Shervin’s voice on his debut CD, ‘Spirit Night By CandleLight’ is described by bestselling author and spiritualist, Margot Anand, as “Angelic.” His follow up album of Sufi-inspired songs is part of a music activism program endorsed by 20 + conscious businesses and world Rumi authority, Coleman Barks.

Workshop description


Class 1 : Voice, Sound and the Energy Centers

Explore the different therepeutic properties of authentic voice expression and how certain instruments can complement and empower the voice to support all three major energy centers of the body. This workshop will provide you with knowledge, techniques and confidence to share your authentic voice. The experience includes group mantras, interactive exercises and a short Sound Journey.

Workshop 1 :- Sufi Sacred Movement and Sound

Dreamtime Sacred Songs and Healing Sounds A special sacred world music and live sound healing blend with MURFEST’s most experienced sound therapist and shamanic practitioner and guest musicians. Includes group ceremonial chants, Sufi heartsongs and Sufi wisdom from the music for peace album, One with the Beloved, and finishes wih a powerful blend of authentic healing and celestial sounds from dfferent sacred music traditions. 2 hours

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